Punch Press Controller

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    This project required the redesign of a controller for a punch press used to punch holes in and cutoff steel coil stock. The resultant parts where used to fabricate door and window frames. The original controller for this machine had died long ago and had been replaced with a very minimal PC based system in the late 80s which was not ageing well. The customer needed a plug-in replacement for the old system to keep this machine and product production running.


     The mechanism to advance the coil stock and the 3 hydraulic punches that hold various hole pattern punch dies and the cutoff die.

  The customer had a lot of the electronics hardware needed to build these and wanted to keep costs down by recycling as much as possible. RDG&A designed and built a plug in replacement controller with plenty of upgrades.


These are the new controllers RDG&A built. The customer liked first one so much, RDG&A built them another.

      RDG&A rebuilt rack mount PCs, built new electrical entrance and control panels,  power supplies and added modern  industrial LCD displays and assembled all the components into recycled rack cabinets. RDG&A wrote new software that allows very easy automated operation for setup, production runs, and backup. It features direct part dimension data entry, automatic calculation of starting part, part interleave, and ending part data, easy calibration and part file backup.

    Now the customer has 2, 100% compatible, controllers for this key piece of production equipment.


   A punch press controller in it's natural setting.

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