Cookie Machine

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    This client manufactures equipment for the bakery industry. They had acquired an older cookie extrusion/placement machine design and wanted to upgrade the mechanism, motors, and electronics system with improved modern components, repackage it, and market the new and improved Cookie Machine.

    The original electronics controller was probably designed in the 1980s and used a number of obsolete components and had limited function. Additionally, all the original software source code had been lost and electronics hardware documentation was  incomplete. The original designed used 5 large ICs to form a microcomputer based controller and used a 'British flag' LED display which was hard to see. The existing software had many machine control parameters 'burned in' and were not adjustable by the factory or the user.


     The original mechanism (no dough hopper) with the prototype of a new keypad and LCD alpha/numeric display. The built-up keypad has no legends yet because the customer was deciding the final key layout.

    RDG&A replaced the old electronics with a single chip microcontroller design, wrote new software that expanded mechanical function, allowed a number of factory options and was easier to use. 

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