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RDG&A designed clocks.


Y2K Clock development prototype.

 No battery, buttons, uP or giant binary display in this picture.   

    This was a 'novelty' clock marketed to bars, clubs and restaurants. This clock was designed to celebrate the anticipated computer meltdown of Y2K. The year was displayed with LED digits and a binary display of the current 24 hour time. On the last day of 1999 the it would countdown hours, minutes and seconds until the year 2000. After that, it became just a regular clock, proving that digital electronics worked fine after Y2K.


    RDG&A designed a clock that calculated and displayed daily Islamic prayer periods according to the users longitude. It also activated the proper vocal call to prayer for that time.

    Although this isn't a wall clock, RDG&A was commissioned to design a precision 1Hz time base for use in another product. By using a minimal micro-controller with a crystal basec oscillator, a stable very low cost "rockbound" time base was realized. This is the breadboard prototype.


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