Asphalt Plant Central Processor

Embedded Electronics Systems





 prototype MC68040 based SBC

    This MC68040 single board computer (SBC) was designed for an asphalt plant manufacturer to replace an older 68K design. The CPU board monitors and controls all phases of asphalt production from order entry to loading a truck. It features 8MB FRAM, 8MB SRAM, 64MB of DRAM, Real Time Clock, 8 serial ports (RS-232 or RS485) and interfaces to their proprietary backplane bus. That bus supported a number of specialized I/O cards.

    The existing software used a Microtech RTOS and development environment. Microtech only supplied hardware support libraries for off the shelf SBCs. RDG&A was licensed to develop customized libraries for this specialized hardware. RGX68K was written to provide a higher performance alternative to the Microtech RTOS.


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