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   Embedded Electronics Systems are the heart of modern industrial, commercial, scientific and consumer devices. Machine controls, process controls and monitors, analytical instruments, medical equipment and communications systems are just a few types of machines that are made possible, practical and affordable with modern, microcomputer based electronics.

    RDG&A designs electronics systems from single chip solutions to high performance controls to large multi-processor distributed network systems. RDG&A can design the hardware and software systems for about any application.

    RDG&A designs are operating in systems around the world today.

    See our Design Catalog for examples of the wide variety of systems we have designed and built.

    New Designs - RDG&A can design the electronics hardware/software system for your new product ideas.

    Redesigns - Many existing products have electronics systems that have become old. RDG&A can replace outdated hardware/software systems with modern ones of lower production cost and improved function.

    Upgrades - RDG&A can modify or replace hardware or software to renew existing products.

    Custom Electronics Systems -  RDG&A builds custom systems that operate production equipment, quality control equipment, and other specialized machines and applications.

    Network Systems - Many systems connect to other systems through serial, Ethernet and wireless connections and increasingly use Internet protocols. RDG&A designs and implements Internet and custom communications protocols and networks.

    Prototypes, Models, Custom Systems -  In addition to our electronics laboratory, RDG&A also has facilities for fabrication of prototypes and custom systems including light machining and sheet metal work.

    Expert Diagnosis and Debug Service - With our deep knowledge of electronics and control systems, RDG&A can provide diagnostics of a wide variety of system failures and design problems.

RDG&A's design goal is to produce the highest function at the lowest cost.

Experienced, Reliable, Professional, Affordable.

Development Support for:

    86xx, 8051 cores, 68K cores, Microchip devices, ARM cores,  Rabbit SBCs and microcontrollers, DigiOne  modules and microcontrollers, Analog Devices and Microchip DSPs and a wide variety of peripheral devices.

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    RDG&A has designed electronics hardware and software for a wide variety of machines. Here are some projects RDG&A has worked on over the years. Many of them are in production and operating around the world today. Some are covered in more detail and more are added as time allows

Design Catalog:

Analytical Instruments - Handheld Colorimeters - Laboratory Colorimeters - CO Monitor -  CO2 Monitor - Distillation Analyzers - Precision Bath and Oven Temperature Controls - Data Collection Systems - Flash Point Analyzers - Salt in Crude Analyzers - Distillation Analyzers - 

Process Controls - Ionization Controller - Hot Cycle Lamination Press Controller - Compressor Micro Lube Controllers - Electro-Deposit /Current Density Controller - Asphalt Plant Master Control System -

Online Analytical - Cloud Point Analyzer - Freeze Point Analyzer - Pour Point Analyzer - Cold Filter Plug Point Analyzer - Viscosity Analyzers - Viscosity Index Analyzers - Reid Vapor Pressure Analyzers - Flash Point Analyzers - Salt in Crude Oil Analyzers - Oil in Water Analyzer - Boiling Point Monitors -

Machine Control - Precision Servo Controllers - Passive Sonar Sound Locater/Camera Controller - Dental X-Ray Controller - Motor Controls - Punch Press Control - Cookie Machine Control - Custom Remote Controls -  Shooting Range Target Controls - 3 Axis Position Controller - Centrifuge Controls - Printer Controllers -

Telecom - ResponseLink Virtual Classroom over Internet - Dialup Modem Controls - Video Conferencing Camera Controls - Pay Telephone System - Audio Teleconferencing Bridges - Speakerphones -

R & D Support - State Analyzer/Monitors - Data Generators - Production QC Test Sets - Target System Simulators - Device Emulators -Infrared Absorption Research Cell -

Network Devices - Ethernet/Internet Appliances - Voice/Data over RTP Systems (VoIP) - Custom Network Protocols - MODBUS Protocol Stack - Serial Protocols -

USB Devices - USB/HID High Fidelity Conferencing Speakerphone - PC Keyboard Emulator - Analog Controllers - Musical Instrument Interfaces

Professional Audio - Music Synthesizers - Digital Signal Processes -  High Performance Audio Components - Spectrum/Phase Analyzers - Phase Controller/Signal Generator - Custom Built Amplifiers and Effects - Phonograph Amplifiers

Automotive - Auto Body Control - Automotive Brake Controls - Fuel Injection Control/Engine Management -  Engine Monitors -

Odds and Ends - NMRA DCC Development System - DCC Encoder - DCC Monitor - DCC Track Driver - Clocks - Precision Time Base  - MIDI Devices - LCD Controllers/Emulators - Simulators -

    RDG&A currently supports development facilities for a wide range of common processor families, SBC modules and peripheral devices and are always adding to our libraries and capabilities.

    For 30 years, RDG&A has designed and implemented dozens of electronics systems and subsystems, prototypes and models, test systems and production aids for a wide range of applications and industries.

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