Custom Professional Audio Electronics                   




    RDG&A builds custom audio equipment.

Professional Audio

Recording Booth Audio Control

    This is a Recording Booth Audio Control commissioned by a commercial recording studio. It's primary function is to control audio to headphones used in the customers recording booth. It features 3 balanced line level inputs and pushbutton select, differential and single ended outputs, high performance headphone drivers and an engineer to artist talkback function. The customer required analog VU meters and custom gain taps.

High Performance Audio

    Designed to deliver the highest objective performance.


Custom Stereo Crossover Filter


    This is a Precision Audio Crossover designed specifically for Magnepan Magneplaner Tympani 1Us. It features selectable 12 or 24 dB/octave cutoffs and plug selectable crossover points. A separate variable phase, 120Hz low pass filter section is included to pick off the last audible octaves. An off-the-shelf box was used for this chassis with dubious results. Now RDG&A builds our own boxes. 

80/80W MOSFET Power Amplifiers

Fussy picture and no badge or top.

There was some question of connector spacing so this features both. The one on the left is was selected.

Generally, Power Amps should be heard, not seen.

    This is the working prototype for 7 superior quality audio power amplifiers. These are based on a modified Slone MOSFET design. It uses curved matched transistors in the differential stages and output drivers The chassis is a modular construction.

    Part of the "Plain Jane" series of limited build Audio Components. Simple, Elegant, Exclusive. 

Audio Source Control Prototype




    This is the prototype box used to develop circuitry. The front panel layout needs some adjustment and the circuitry is on revision 3. Plan to throw one (at least) away.

Phonograph Preamps

    In design phase which specifies three selectable filter curves:  RIAA, Old Columbia LP and 78. There are 2 design variations in process, silicon and vacuum tube (valves).

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